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Access your data on the Web - In a snap

Our software lets your employees, customers, suppliers, and others find, use, and share important data. Anyone can access data any time, from anywhere, without the need for complex programming. Installation is easy.

Think of it: once installed, there is no waiting or extra investment required to see, find, and manage your data. Your boss needs an answer now? Just use your Web browser to sort and view data any way you need. The answers are buried in your data. We make it easy (and fast) to find those answers.

And that's not all. How about all the data entry applications you need. Collecting sales info from the branches, gathering critical project specific data, or production and delivery information from your suppliers. With our software these data entry applications will be humming in hours, not days and weeks.

The best part? Your programming resources will be free to solve more complex problems.

Learn how our software quickly snaps on to any database to make it easy to access your data.

Call us at (718) 575-9305 or email us at sales -at- for a free demonstration.

home | our software | services | customers | about us
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